• by Johan

Canvas Awnings


Canvas Awnings

Canvas Awnings, are both fixed or retractable, they however have their own strengths and shortcomings that have to be considered when deciding which of the two types will best suit your needs. Either fixed or retractable protect your windows, doors, etc., from the harsh South African sun but in different ways.

We use quality imported canvas that does not fade after six months like the cheap imitation material sometimes used.

Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, designer stores, motels and a wide range of other businesses often have their name, logo or other branding printed on their door or window awnings.


Fixed Canvas Awnings

Fixed awnings, have no moving parts. These awnings consist of an aluminium frame that is covered with 100% pure acrylic canvas and is permanently fixed to the wall above windows or doors.

Being fixed to the wall, these awnings can withstand harsh weather and the South African climate and help prevent your indoor furniture and curtains don’t fade so quickly.

Canvas Awnings can be recovered when they eventually fade, get hail damage or even it you just want to change your exterior colour scheme. Most importantly be sure to always insure all your awnings against hail and severe storm damage.


Advantages of Canvas Awnings

  • Available in bright or earth tone colours to co-ordinate with your home’s exterior colour.
  • Built to be durable and long lasting.
  • Can withstand the harsh South African sun.
  • Increases value, character and aesthetics of your home.


Disadvantages of Canvas Awnings

  • Cannot be opened or closed, they are fixed in the position in which they were installed.
  • Difficult to install at heights.
  • Canvas Awnings are difficult to maintain especially if they are installed at heights.


Canvas Awning types available

  • Bow Awnings
  • Dome Awnings
  • Fixed Screens Awnings
  • Semi Bow Awnings
  • Wedge Awnings