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Louvre Awnings


Louvre Awnings

Louvre Awnings are also known as Louvre Roof, Louvre Deck or Adjustable Awnings.

Aluminium Louvre Awnings are fashionable, convenient, practical, and smart and besides that they are ideal for extending your entertainment or braai areas. In addition they are great for restaurants that want to extend their outdoor seating area.

Mr Awning will help you choose the right awning to suit your specific needs, most importantly we have several years experience supplying and installing Aluminium Louvre Awnings. We get the job done on time, with the best quality products and installation teams.


Benefits of Aluminium Louvre Awnings

  • 90% Heat deflection.
  • Do not rust, corrode, fade or stain like steel awnings.
  • Gives you a cool shady summer.
  • Improves the aesthetics of your home.
  • Increases your property value.
  • More water tight than any other Louvre Awning as the panels are formed into a deep valley Z-profile.
  • Requires minimal maintenance, panels and structures are of a baked enamel finish and are guaranteed against fading, chipping and peeling.
  • The turning mechanism (gearbox and detachable crank) allows smooth trouble free operation and allows selecting the degree of light required.
  • These awnings can be fitted with canvas blinds to close the outside of the area, further increasing rain and wind protection.
  • They provide shade for children and pets protecting them from the dangerous UV rays and thus also from sunburn and skin cancer.
  • Will keep the interior of your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer also reducing sun damage to your curtains and furniture and reducing your air conditioner bills.


There is no comparison between the efficiency and quality of aluminium awnings and steel awnings.


Aluminium Louvre Awning Prices

At Mr Awning, it is our policy to give you our valued customer the very best price possible, we do not load our quotes, as a matter of fact should you be given a lower price please send it to us as we promise to better any written quote for the same product.