• by Johan

Retractable Awnings


Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awnings protect your windows, doors, patio etc., from the harsh South African sun. Canvas awnings, are both fixed or retractable, they however have their own strengths and shortcomings that have to be considered when deciding which of the two types will best suit your needs.

We use quality imported canvas that does not fade after six months like the cheap imitation material sometimes used.

Retractable Awnings are also attached to your wall, other than that they differ totally from fixed awnings as they can be opened as required or retracted when you’re not using them.

These awnings have many moving parts to facilitate their smooth operation, some have crank handles and as a matter of fact can be motorised too should the client require it so. Some clients like sports facilities and even some private clients prefer to have their awnings motorised and installed with a wind sensor that automatically closes the awning to prevent storm damage.

Retractable Awnings function similar to fixed awnings but most importantly cannot be left open during storms and strong wind, remember to always retract these awnings when they are not in use.

Pelmets or protective cassettes are also available for Retractable Awnings, as a matter of fact they protect the retracted awning from the sun and help to keep the colour vibrant a lot longer.


Advantages of Retractable Awnings

  • Bright colours and earth tones are available to co-ordinate with the exterior colour of your home to perfect your colour scheme.
  • Can be maintained with ease.
  • Can be opened and retracted as needed.
  • Increases the value and aesthetics of your home.
  • Provides shade protection from the harsh South African sun to give you optimal sun control.


Disadvantages of Retractable Awnings

  • Costs more to recover or repair than fixed canvas awnings.
  • Must be retracted before storms to prevent damage to the awning.
  • Must first be opened before you can utilize it.


Different Retractable Awnings available

  • Drop Arm Awnings.
  • Fold Arm Awnings.
  • Gear Roller Blind or Dropdown Awnings.
  • Pram Awnings.